Dental Crowns in Sudbury, MA

Restoring Your Stunning Smile

We offer dental crowns at Boston Post Dental, your dentist in Sudbury. Living with missing, damaged, or flawed teeth can be hard on your self-esteem. You might feel embarrassed or even avoid smiling due to cosmetic or functional problems with your teeth. The dental crowns we provide restore your smile’s natural beauty and performance with a variety of different treatment options. 

Learn more about dental crowns by perusing our guide below.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are porcelain or composite resin tooth caps that we design to blend seamlessly into your smile. Our Boston dentists use these tooth caps to fit over your tooth and cover cosmetic flaws while improving your ability to comfortably eat and speak. 

We use dental crowns in a variety of procedures, including:

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our dentists typically recommend crowns to protect you from expensive and painful problems in the future. They work well to protect exposed nerve endings, connective tissue, and blood vessels in the roots and pulp of your teeth. Covering these sensitive spots helps you avoid pain when you’re eating crunchy, hot, or cold foods. 

Plus, dental crowns are an ideal way to improve the appearance of your smile. You can feel confident about your teeth after receiving your crowns from Boston Post Dental and Implants.

The Dental Crowns Process

The crown placement procedure can vary from patient to patient. That’s because we use crown restorations as a component of several treatments. However, if we’re using a dental crown to repair a damaged or cosmetically flawed tooth, we can generally complete the process within two appointments at our Sudbury, MA dental office. 

Step 1: Your Crowns Consultation

Your journey to a restored smile starts with an initial consultation with our team of expert dentists. During this appointment, we’ll meticulously clean your teeth, treating any underlying oral health problems as necessary. 

We’ll also take detailed impressions of your teeth to help guide the customization of your dental crown. Our dentists may place a temporary crown at this time. 

Step 2: Placing Your Personalized Crowns

After our dental specialists create your customized crowns, we’ll contact you to return to our Sudbury dental office for your placement procedure. The appointment will start with another deep cleaning to prepare your teeth. Our dental team will then carefully shape your enamel to fit within the edges of your crown. 

Once we’ve created a smooth surface, we’ll use a dental-grade adhesive to bond the crown to your tooth. You’ll walk out of our office after just a short waiting period with a fully functional, stunning smile that you’ll be proud to share.

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Our team of dental professionals is proud to provide you with some of the highest-quality dental restorations available. Dental crowns are perfect for repairing damage or covering unwanted cosmetic features. No matter what, we’ll find a solution that works to restore function and beauty to your bright smile. 

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