Restorative Dentistry in Sudbury, MA

Complete Smile Makeovers at Boston Post Dental & Implants

Dr. Ye specializes in full-mouth rehabilitation and can restore your smile back to its natural beauty and optimal oral health. With a variety of superior services and cutting-edge technology, our experienced team can help you achieve your desired smile.

From minor restorative services to complex, full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Ye welcomes each and every patient no matter their needs. We’ll work together to provide you with the highest quality of care and long-lasting, exceptional results.

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Tooth Extractions

Excessive tooth decay, tooth infection, or teeth crowding may require extraction. Tooth extractions are a relatively quick procedure, performed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Removing visible teeth is simple, whereas teeth that are broken, below the surface, or impacted require a more involved procedure.


If you’re missing an entire arch or all of your teeth, dentures are an affordable and comfortable tooth replacement option. They restore your ability to eat and speak properly, and can help enhance the appearance of your facial structure.

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a dental x-ray with dental implants in the jawbone

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a natural-looking way to restore one or more missing teeth. Implants are permanently secured to your jawbone, so they’ll never come out or slide around.

Having placed over 400 dental implants, Dr. Ye is highly experienced in successful implant placement and transforming countless patients’ smiles. He provides All-on-X implants through guided surgery for maximum precision.

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