All-on-X Dental Implantsin Sudbury, MA

Get Your Dream Smile With Fewer Implants & No Bone Grafting

Losing adult teeth can be devastating to your self esteem and oral health. When it comes to dental restoration, Dr. Ye almost always recommends long-lasting dental implants over non-implant restorations. However, if you’re missing multiple teeth, or entire arches of teeth, replacing every tooth with individual implants may be near impossible for you. Furthermore, it’s possible that you’ve lost too much jawbone density to qualify and can’t undergo bone grafting to correct the issue. 

At Boston Post Dental & Implants, Dr. Ye and his team want every individual dealing with tooth loss to be able to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. If you can’t receive individual implants, Dr. Ye can replace entire arches of missing teeth with minimal implants and without bone grafting with All-on-X dental implants. 

What are All-on-X Dental Implants?

All-on-X dental implants use a strategic number of minimal implants to secure a full arch of replacement teeth. Unlike traditional dental implants, All-on-x makes use of your existing jawbone structure. This eliminates the need for bone grafting with dental implant candidates who have experienced bone density loss (resorption). The exact number of implants needed varies from patient to patient, but for All-on-X, Dr. Ye can usually install your restoration with as few as four to eight implants per arch. 

Benefits of All-on-X Dental Implants

Not only do All-on-X implants help you qualify for them despite the resorption, but they also provide many benefits. Such benefits include: 

  • Affordable treatment
  • Faster installation
  • Faster & less complicated healing
  • Temporary restorations provided during healing period
  • Same benefits as regular implants

The All-on-X Dental Implant Process

Step 1: Consultation

Before you can have your implants installed and enjoy your fully restored smile, you’ll attend a consultation with Dr. Ye and his team at Boston Post Dental & Implants’ Sudbury office. The information we gather during your consultation will allow us to determine if placement of All-on-X dental implants will be both safe and effective treatment for you. 

During your consultation, we’ll provide a thorough examination of your mouth. This examination will include an X-ray to determine how much bone density you have left for implant placement. Dr. Ye will also review your medical history, discuss your oral health goals with you, and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 2: Designing Your All-on-X Dental Implants 

Once you and Dr. Ye have both decided that All-on-X dental implants are the right choice for you, we’ll take images and impressions of your remaining teeth. These images will be sent to an offsite laboratory where your restoration will be manufactured.  

Step 3: Preparation

Before installing your All-on-X dental implants, we’ll thoroughly clean your mouth out, and apply a local anesthetic. These steps help keep the surgical site clean, and ensure you don’t feel any pain during your procedure. Once we’re sure you’re comfortable, Dr. Ye will perform any necessary extractions

Step 4: Installing Your All-on-X Dental Implants

Using precision tools, Dr. Ye will create small incisions into your gums where the implants will be placed. Your implants will most likely be made of biocompatible titanium posts that will serve as the foundation for your custom-made restoration. Once your implants have been placed, Dr. Ye will attach a temporary restoration for you to wear while your gums heal and osseointegration takes place. 

During osseointegration, your posts fuse to your jawbone, a process that usually takes three to six months. In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy a full mouth of teeth until your permanent restoration is ready to be installed. 

Step 5: Installing Your Restoration

Once your implants have fully healed, you’ll return to Boston Post Dental & Implants to have your permanent restoration installed. Dr. Ye will check with you to ensure you like the look of your custom-made restoration, before uninstalling your temporary arch and attaching your permanent arch of brilliant new teeth. By the time you leave our office in beautiful Sudbury, you’ll have a new smile that will last for many years.  

Frequently Asked Questions